SSE / Team Lead

Job description

The Software Engineering team at CabbageApps is responsible for analyzing, designing, planning, executing, and evaluating work to time, cost, and quality targets, assessing and evaluating risk. The Engineers work within a clear framework of accountability, exercising substantial personal responsibility and autonomy. They take initiative to keep skills up to date, mentor colleagues, maintain an awareness of developments in the industry, and advise on scope and options for continuous operational improvement.

As a SSE / Team Lead, you'll be responsible for strategic, mission-critical problem solving, leading by example, and demonstrating extraordinary individual ownership. You will act as the leaders within a squad of engineers, ensure quality standards are maintained, and consistently strive for greatness.

Job requirements

Responsibilities of SSE / Team Lead in CabbageApps

• Expert for the Tech stack

• Improve templates

• Code review - ensure code quality

• Review tech debt & tech documentation

• Review unit tests

• Project retrospect

• Design & Review software solution architecture

• Conduct feasibility by evaluating requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions • Grow Cabbage Team teams by helping in interviewing

• Make informed decisions quickly and taking ownership of services and applications at scale • Responsible for architecting and defining the backend-end framework to solve complex designs • Responsible for managing cutting-edge technologies to improve applications • Build reusable code and libraries for future use

• Provide training and support to internal teams

• Define and communicate technical and design requirements

• Developing ideas for new programs, products, or features by monitoring industry developments and trends

• Participating in continuing education and training to remain current on best practices, learn new programming languages, and better assist other team members

• Review & Write technical documentation, white papers, presentations, contributes to determining internal processes 

Mandatory Technical Requirements

• Front End Frameworks (at least 2 frameworks. React + 1 more is Required)

              - React, Angular & Vue

• Backend Framework (at least 2 frameworks . Node + 1 more is required)

              - NextJS | Express               

              - Ruby on Rails

              - .Net

              - Laravel

              - Django

• Typescript experience is required (at least 1.5 years)

• DevOps Experience is a must

              - Linux Commands is a must

              - AWS | Google | Azure (At least one is required)

• Professional Dev Experience 3 years +

The person should have

• Ability to work with minimum supervision

• Excellent communication and critical thinking skills.

• Good organizational skills and detail-oriented mindset.

• Project management knowledge

About Cabbage Apps

Cabbage Apps is a software development firm that focuses on product designing and development. We specialize in UI/UX Processes, Javascript App Development, and Digital Transformation Consulting. Our clients include multinational companies and a few of the largest financial institutions in Sri Lanka.

Why Cabbage Apps

• You'll work on everything from customer-facing web apps and backend services, to mobile applications using cutting-edge tools and frameworks

• We are a relatively young company and therefore there are tons of opportunity to grow • You will have flexible working arrangements to increase productivity